Trusted Orange

Database Operation Approval Solution

Comprehensive Database Management Solution

  • A database operation approval solution that offers secure workflow procedures for handling sensitive data within your organization
  • Enhances security by implementing compliant procedures and enables users to communicate and collaborate on their work
  • Maintains a balance between convenience and security in the workplace using Orange, the representative database development tool
Work Approval and Proactive Restriction Solution

Work Approval and Proactive Restriction Solution

  • Trusted Orange provides an approval process when processing sensitive data
  • Grants database access permission per user or per user group
  • Uses specific permission control policies per SQL type, providing security functions before and after making changes to data
  • Operations on all managed databases can only be executed after approval from the approving authority, providing proactive control over database operations
  • Provides reactive security by recording audit logs for all operations executed on the managed database
  • Pre/post-security functions amend security vulnerabilities and flaws that can occur in traditional database environments
An image of the progression from user approval to access permission restriction and permission request

Features of Trusted Orange

Work approval and proactive restriction solution powered by Orange

  • Unifies DB access paths with Orange
  • SQL-based task restriction
  • Prevents insiders from leaking customer information
  • Restricts making changes to data ledgers
  • Powerful DB user permission management
  • Restricts SQL execution permissions with a pre-approval process

Response and conformity to IT compliances

  • Personal Information Protection Act
  • Electronic Finance Supervision Regulations
  • Information and Communication Security Business Regulations
Features of Trusted Orange


TO System Diagram
Approval Process
Policy Management
User and DB Management

Operating Environment

TO Server


  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Disk - Space for Product Installation
  • Disk - Space for Saving History
  • Operating System
  • Web Browser
  • Resolution
  • Software

Minimum Recommended Specifications

  • x64 compatible processor, 1.4 GHz or above
  • 4 GB or more
  • 50 GB or more
  • 1 TB or more
  • CentOS 7.5 64-bit or above (kernel version:3.10.0)
  • The latest version of Chrome
  • 1280 X 1024
  • Java Development Kit 1.8.0

TO Client

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11
  • Windows Server 2012/2016

Supported DBMS

Oracle 11.2 or above Tibero 5 or above Altibase 6 or above IBM DB2 10.5 or above SQL Server 2012 sp3 or above Mysql 5.6 or above Maria 10.1 or above Cubrid 8.2 or above PostgreSQL 9.5 or above Greenplum 5 or above PPAS 9.5 or above Teradata 16 or abov SAP HANA 2 or above SunDB 2 Apache hive
  • representative phone

  • Implementation and
    Technology Inquiries