Chakra Max SAC

System Access Control Over Heterogeneous OS

Chakra Max SAC supports detailed policy settings for unauthorized access and proactively restricts illegal access and prohibited commands to prevent security incidents.

Chakra Max SAC
Implementation Effects of SAC

Implementation Effects of SAC

SAC can link with DAC for an integrated access control function without changing the composition.

Key Features

User Permission Management Icon

User Permission Management

  • Supports user permission management for remote access protocols, such as SSH, (S)FTP, and TELNET.
Session Restriction Function Icon

Session Restriction Function

  • Monitors system sessions in real time and proactively restricts
    unauthorized sessions, such as IP, application, and account.
Commands Restriction Function Icon

Commands Restriction Function

  • Monitors system tasks in real time and proactively controls user behaviors, such as commands and command options.
Bypass Access Restriction Icon

Bypass Access Restriction

  • Restricts bypass access (access through unauthorized paths) that do not go through Chakra Max, or direct connections to consoles in a data processing room.
Screen Recording Function Icon

Screen Recording Function

  • Supports video recording and replay of tasks performed through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and provides log reduction and the agent-less function through event recording function.
Terminal Replay Function Icon

Terminal Replay Function

  • Saves CLI-based task history on a per-packet basis, and provides session replay function.
Support for Various User Environments Icon

Support for Various User Environments

  • Supports user agents on Windows and MacOS, and provides automatic login for user convenience and security.
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