Chakra Max DAC

Korea's First Database Access Control with the Biggest Presence in the Market Share

Tracks and monitors all paths leading to your database, a key corporate asset, and blocks unauthorized access and illegitimate approaches.

Chakra Max DAC
Fully compliant solution

Fully compliant solution

Chakra Max identifies potential legal issues that may arise during organizational actions for information security and mitigates risks by facilitating compliance with various regulations.


Personal Information Protection Act, Information and Communications Network Act, Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), Personal Information Management System Certification (PIMS), Information Security Management System Certification (ISMS), Database Quality Certification - Security (DQC-S), Cloud Security Assurance Program (CSAP), IT Accounting Audits


General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley Act(SOX), ISO/IEC 27001, Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Basel II, Federal Information Security Modernization Act(FISMA)

Key Features

User Identification and Permission Verification Icon

User Identification and Permission Verification

  • Implements a robust authentication system (ID, PW, MAC, IP, MFA) for users accessing data, while supporting an optimized user verification environment with various integrated authentications such as AD, Okta, and SSO.
Access and Execution Control Icon

Access and Execution Control

  • Monitors accessing users’ session properties (IP, app, account, etc.) and execution SQL information in real time, and proactively restricts unauthorized access and inappropriate tasks.
Real-time Monitoring and Log Management Icon

Real-time Monitoring and Log Management

  • Monitors and records real-time session and SQL execution information for protected databases, and supports tracking management function for loaded audit logs.
Various Audit Reports Icon

Various Audit Reports

  • Supports approximately 100 audit report templates and offers ad-hoc capabilities for generating customized reports tailored to the customer's environment.
Practical Data Masking Icon

Practical Data Masking

  • Supports a masking function to replace all or part of the data, and facilitates regular masking of data patterns to prevent leaks of key assets.
Bypass Access Restriction Icon

Bypass Access Restriction

  • Monitors various access paths to protected databases and restricts unauthorized access attempts through bypassing routes.
Massive Data Leak Restriction Icon

Massive Data Leak Restriction

  • Imposes restrictions when key information leakage surpasses a threshold or provides proactive data leak prevention by monitoring the cumulative number of views over time.
Various Approval Options Icon

Various Approval Options

  • Offers various approval functions, including obtaining permissions for access or SQL execution and requesting unmasking. Additionally, supports convenient task approval features such as auto-guidance for all processes and flexible approval paths.
Master Data Management Icon

Master Data Management

  • Records master data values before and after changes and provides advanced functions, including process streamlining, sample data attachments, and SQL verification.
Interval Encryption Icon

Interval Encryption

  • Provides encryption functionality for PC-Chakra Max-DBMS throughout the communication interval.
Support for Various User Environments Icon

Support for Various User Environments

  • Supports a variety of user environments, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
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