• # Data integration solution that supports real-time data replication and synchronization between cloud and on-premise and heterogeneous DBMS
  • # The solution collects data in real-time by agent-less network packet analysis, freeing from disadvantages of using CDC (Change Data Capture) – synchronization delay and load. Also, it can be utilized in various fields including data distribution processing, high availability/disaster recovery, data integration and reporting, and business intelligence since data is collected, processed,and integrated regardless of the business infrastructure environment.
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  • Real-time data collection through network packet analysis of source DBMS
  • Unloading of the original database system based on the agent-less method
  • Avoids existing log-based data synchronization method (CDC)
  • Data can be replicated without relying on the OS of the DBMS server
  • Data synchronization and data collection between heterogeneous DBMS
  • Supports simultaneous 1: 1, 1: N, N: N database data collection
  • Supports various databases and cloud environments
  • Processes large amounts of data up to 4G per second using a parallel processing method
  • GS certification level 1


Real-time data synchronization and collection between heterogeneous DBMS
  • Collects data between heterogeneous DBMS and processes it into formal data
Data collection based on synchronization policy and consistency policy of customer environment
  • Collects policy-based data by setting synchronization/consistency policies according to customer's system environment
  • Sets data collection mode by database, table, and column
Supports on-premise, cloud, and virtual environment
  • Synchronizes data without relying on the OS in response to physical, cloud, and virtual environments
Verification of consistency of collected data
  • Conducts sampling between source and target DBMS and examine DBMS, and retrieves the history of data execution.


  • Collection and transmission of data in the N: N configuration of original DB and target DB
  • Collects and processes formal/informal (SNS, image, video, sensors) data by proxy or sniffing method


Real-time Data Collection
Packet collection > Analysis > Transformation > Synchronization


Various DBMS support
Oracle Microsoft SQL Server IBM DB2 Sybase IQ Sybase ASE MySQL MariaDB PostgreSQL Amazon Aurora Amazon RedShift Altibase Tibero Cubrid